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24-hour Breakdown Services Offered at Our Respected Garage in Crewe, Cheshire

Here at Auto Recovery And Towing, we specialise in recovering vehicles of any size. Using the most modern equipment and drawing on our wealth of industry knowledge, we ensure all vehicle recoveries are carried out promptly and most importantly, safely. At our reputable garage, we have the skills to move any large 4x4 vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes. For additional information about our 4x4 vehicle recovery or breakdown services, please contact our friendly team at our garage in Crewe, Cheshire.

Recovering Vehicles of Any Size

No recovery job fazes our experienced and proficient team, and we capably recover any vehicle of any size. A bespoke recovery is required for all 4x4 vehicles because of the mechanical makeup and complex electrical systems that they vehicles have. If the recovery is not carried out correctly, damage can be caused which is costly to repair. Here at Auto Recovery And Towing, we are fully conversant with all 4x4s and therefore, our experts can safely recover any vehicle safely. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we make even the most complex 4x4 recoveries a simple operation.

CONTACT our experts

in Crewe, Cheshire, to enquire about our breakdown and 4x4 vehicle recovery services.

Moving Large Vehicles

As many luxury 4x4s are heavy vehicles, most companies are unable to recover them due to weight restrictions. Here at Auto recovery and Towing, we can move any large 4x4 vehicle up to 3.5 tonnes. This includes all UK 4X4s, SUVs and large American 4x4s. Furthermore, we also specialise in off-road recovery/salvage using our own specially equipped 4x4s that can tackle any terrain in any weather. Whether you have become stranded when off-roading or ‘green laning’, we can get your 4x4 out. Also, if you have had a major mechanical breakdown, we can organise an in-field repair. 

We also offer 4x4 help to large public events where high-volume traffic and poor ground surface results in stranded vehicles or blocked exit or entry routes.

Types of 4x4s We Recover

An example of the models of 4x4s we can recover include:

Types of 4x4s We Recover

  • Mercedes ML™

  • Range Rover™

  • Land Rover Discovery™

  • Mitsubishi™

  • Porsche Cayenne™

  • Toyota Hilux™

  • Audi Q5 & Q7™

  • Volvo XC90™

  • Volkswagen Tiguan™

  • Ford Ranger™

  • Nissan Pathfinder / Navara™

  • BMW X5™

  • Lexus RX™

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee™

  • Grand Cherokee™

  • Chrysler™

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