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24-hour breakdown recovery specialists in warrington

24-hour breakdown recovery in Warrington with average 37-minute response time

Auto Recovery and Towing offers 24-hour breakdown recovery services in Warrington. Our services are available at any hour of the day and we can assist with all vehicle types. Whether you unexpectedly break down on the way to work or coming home after a late night outing, you can always rely on our breakdown recovery services.
Dealing with a vehicle breakdown can be stressful. It can occur for any reason and often at the worst possible times. Common causes include flat or faulty batteries, alternator problems, transmission issues, worn spark plugs, and snapped timing belts. These aren’t the only causes though. You may hit a pothole and puncture the tyres or run out of fuel.
No matter what causes your vehicle to break down, evaluate your surroundings and safely pull your vehicle over to the shoulder, if you are able to. Then turn on your hazard lights and switch off your engine. We strongly advise against attempting to fix the problem yourself as doing so could put yourself and others at risk.
The good news is that if an issue with your vehicle arises, it can generally be resolved with one of our skilled technicians. Call us on 01606 551133 to reach our 24-hour call centre and we will quickly dispatch a technician to your location in Warrington.

Breakdown Vehicle Recovery

A vehicle breakdown can occur when you least expect it, and it can be stressful to deal with. We understand that you want the issue addressed as quickly as possible and that you don’t want to wait around longer than you have to. Having multiple depots allows us to reach your location in Warrington with an average response time of just 37 minutes.

We can recover any type of vehicle including:

  • Cars
  • Bikes
  • Van
  • Trucks
  • Mini caravans
  • Trailers

We have extensive experience with recovering all vehicle types in any location, from primary roads and motorways to dual carriageways and even off-road locations. With a fast response time, you won’t have to wait around long for help to arrive.

Vehicle Repair Services

Auto Recovery and Towing recognises that getting stranded on the side of the road puts you in a vulnerable position especially if you break down in the middle of the night. Get in touch with our experienced team so we can provide roadside assistance as quickly as possible.

We can assist with the following vehicle repair services:

  • Flat batteries
  • Wheel or tyre changes
  • Problem diagnostics
  • Transmission problems
  • Emergency lockouts
  • Engine fails
  • Parking brakes

With our 24-hour breakdown recovery services in Warrington, we always send out a recovery vehicle in case we are unable to repair your vehicle on the roadside. We’ll work directly with your insurer so won’t have to worry about paying any roadside costs.

Contact Our Warrington Team 24/7

We have depots in Crewe, Chester, Northwich and Warrington.

We can recover from any location: Winsford, Middlewich, Nantwich, Knutsford, Stoke, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, anywhere in Cheshire and Staffordshire!

We provide our recovery services along all road networks including the M6, M56 & M53

Warrington Breakdown Recovery

Auto Recovery and Towing offer fast and efficient breakdown recovery services for any vehicle anywhere in Warrington.

No matter what the problem is, we can come out and recover your vehicle.

With an average response time of 37 minutes, we won’t leave you waiting at the side of the road.

We are ready 24 hours a day to come and collect you and your vehicle.

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